How to measure a child's foot

Gucio shoes are available in Euro sizes 18-28 ( Us Sizes 3-12 ). The difference in length between each shoe size is 0,66 mm ( 0,3 inches ).

It may seem difficult to choose a child's shoe size for an internet shoe purchase, but it's actually quite straightforward. Our customers have had great success by following a simple method of measurement.

Follow the simple steps below to measure your child's feet:


How to measure your child's foot
To properly choose the size of Gucio shoes, the child's foot should be accurately measured in cm. and compare the result with the table below.

Gucio shoes are produced in sizes from 18 (EU) to 28 (EU), from size 23, including Gucio footwear has an additional 3mm insole for extra reinforcement.

How to do it...?
a.) This can be done accurately by inserting a cardboard foot to cover the box, quite stiff and bringing the heel to one side, then carefully marking the end of the longest finger. A measure or ruler measures the length of the foot. At the time of measurement, the foot should press against the ground, the measurement performed (if done exactly) provides almost a hundred percent assurance of choosing the size of the shoes.

measured length in cm (larger) insert in the table below (on the right-length of the child's foot (cm) j, the given result in the table Gucia size read from the left (shoe size Gucio EU) the result already contains looseness on the fingers and nothing should be add!.
eg: the child is 12 cm tall - we order size 20
....... child has 16 cm foot - we order size 27


the size   the length of feet in cm

18           11cm

19           11,5 cm

20           12 cm

21           12,5 cm

22           13,2 cm

23           14cm

24           14,5 cm

25           15 cm

26           15,5 cm

27           16 cm

28           16,5 cm