Gucio with the Bend Axial Bending System - Ergono version

Gucio is hand-made shoes designed for children as the perfect footwear for learning to walk, as well as for older children. 
Gucio is a leather home shoes with the possibility of outdoor use on warm sunny days.

The Gucio brand was created in response to the real needs of small feet. Children, for whom shoes are sewn, remain in constant motion - they run, jump or climb, that's why they need exceptionally comfortable and safe footwear - one that ensures the proper development of the feet. First, Gucio's children's shoes were worn by the children of the brand's creator Sławomir Piwowarczyk, with time the toddlers of his acquaintances, and later the consolations of their friends who, like him, had trouble finding the right shoes for the child.

Children's shoes Gucio have obtained the "Healthy Foot" certificate, awarded to footwear, which protects the proper development and functioning of small feet. The highest quality of handmade Guciów, comfort of wearing, health and aesthetics meant that the brand stole the hearts of parents and toddlers from around the world, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Hubert Urbański, Brad Pitt and Al Bano. Maybe yours will also be stolen?